Adam’s Agility Athletes

This fitness program is designed specifically to meet the needs of agility handlers.
This is not another weight loss program or “get fit quick” gimmick, and you don’t have to explain the physical demands of agility to us!

Adam, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, designed this program specifically to meet the needs of agility handlers at every fitness level. Adam’s program for Agility Athletes uses a tailored approach to bridge the gap between what you know you should be doing and doing it consistently. Participants will be broken up, by ability and access to equipment, into five different fitness plans that use an auto-regulated workout program; in other words – you’ll start at a level that’s right for you and YOUR feedback directly impacts the next workout YOU do. Whether you’re a total newbie to working out or have been hitting the gym for years this fitness program will guide you towards improving your overall health and physical performance on course.

What’s Included?

Adam’s Agility Athletes features three levels of workouts, with gym-based and at-home based programs. You’ll be assigned an individual 5-week workout program based on your current fitness level with tailored feedback to keep you progressing. You’ll share a workbook with Coach Adam to track your progress. This allows future workouts to be customized to your needs. Workouts provide specific details for what weight to use, how many repetitions to do and how long to rest between sets. Video demonstrations will be provided for specific movements and exercises to help you improve your form and workout safely.

The Facebook Group will allow participants to ask questions, access additional resources and be part of a supportive environment. And, you’ll gain access to fitness articles for agility – from what shoes to wear on course to tips on nutrition and mindset for better health.

Benefits for Your Agility Performance

You’ll notice increases in your strength, speed, agility and aerobic capacity.
But, what does this mean for agility?

You’ll be able to run for longer, sprint faster and turn better. This can increase your handling options, improve your cue-timing and help you give your all on every run. You will also reduce your risk of injury with increased joint stabilization, balance and coordination. A healthier, fitter body will help you stay in the sport you love for longer & help you keep up with your canine athlete. And, these improvements to your overall health will likely result in more energy, higher quality sleep and simply feeling better.  

Level 1: Beginners

This is an introduction to fitness for handlers ready to take the next step in their fitness journey. You’re ready to commit to regular workouts and increasing your activity level to be healthier, happier handler for your four legged teammate. This level is appropriate for handlers that have been inactive or somewhat active for the last two months. This means your activity is comprised mostly of walk your dog and training your dog in agility; and that you are not currently committed to structured workouts each week. This level allows you to select an “at-home”, no gym equipment required program OR a gym-based program.

Level 2: Intermediate

This is an intermediate level fitness program for handlers looking to increase their physical performance. You’re ready to take on a challenging program with a periodized approach.  This method of approach will allow you to consistently enhance your fitness. This level is appropriate for handlers that have been actively completing weekly workouts in the last two months. This means you do workouts in addition to walks, agility training and daily tasks. This level allows you to select an “at-home”, no gym equipment required program OR a gym-based program.

Level 3: Advanced

This is an advanced level fitness program for handlers ready to push themselves to peak physical performance. You’re ready to have your workouts specifically tailored to improve your agility skills and target your physical weaknesses. This level is appropriate for handlers that have actively completed weekly workouts for 6 months or longer. You should be familiar with the following movement patterns: squat, deadlift, push-up, and overhead press. This level requires you to have consistent access to a gym or gym equipment.

When can I start?

Adam’s Agility Athletes has a rolling admissions process.
That’s right, you can start your program anytime!

Programs always start on the following Monday.
You’ll work with Adam via email to keep up with your workouts and have access to the Facebook group for additional resources throughout your program.

How to Sign Up

Please complete the following steps before you join a level.

Step 1) Pre-Entry Form (first timers only)

Step 2) Register – Sign Up Here

Session 2 Available on October 19, 2020
Registration never ends – join anytime.

Based upon your Total Score from the Pre-Entry Form you will be placed into Level 1, 2 or 3. Scores between 0-10 points will be placed in Level 1, scores between 11-16 points will be placed in Level 2 and scores between 17-25 points will be placed in Level 3.
If you’d like to change your level, email Coach Adam at

You will be placed into the “at-home” or “gym” program based upon your answer to Question 8 on the Pre-Entry Form.

Why this program?
Learn more below…

Nowhere else will you find this unique combination of fitness expertise and agility expertise. Adam’s Agility Athletes program combines Adam’s 7 years of Personal Training experience with the agility specific knowledge of 5-time World Team Member, Kathleen Oswald. Coach Adam has worked with a variety of clients – from senior citizens to soldiers training for Special Operations Selection Programs. This includes training Kathleen for agility and a variety of other fitness goals. He’s currently earning his Master’s in Exercise Physiology, while Kathleen is finishing up her Master’s in Exercise Science where she focused her studies on researching the demands of human-animal sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Depending on your current fitness level you will be prescribed a specific number of strength & agility workouts each week tailored to your ability level. There are three fitness levels – levels 1, 2 and 3 with “at-home” variations available for levels 1 and 2. While you’ll be in facebook group with other handlers at the all fitness levels, your individual program will be adjusted by your feedback after each work out. You’ll share your program with Coach Adam via google sheets. You and Coach Adam will work one on one via email to help you through the program. This means Adam will help you always be at the right difficulty level with rep-schemes and weights that meet your needs. In addition to 2 to 4 strength & agility workouts each week, Adam will help you stay conditioned with walks, runs or cardio of your choice.

What happens when its over?
Keep going! Each 5 week program features different movements, workouts and fitness tests to keep you progressing your fitness.

How long do I have access to the material?
Access to class material beyond 5 weeks will require you to maintain your class membership.

Who can see my work?
While the class will connect as a group through Facebook, students cannot view each other’s workouts. Only Coach Adam will view your workout notes and private comments via email. You are not required to post videos of your workouts – but are encouraged to submit video privately if you’re concerned about the safety or effectiveness of a movement.

Can I access this class from a phone or tablet?
Yes! To do so you’ll need to download the “Facebook” and “Google Sheets” Apps on your apple or android device.

What software do I need to use this program?
No special computer software required! You will need a current email address (google preferred) and a Facebook account.