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Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performance coaching helps you build tools to enhance your attitude, set the right goals and prepare to perform at your best. By combining the benefits of personal growth and mental skills you’ll gain an advantage on every run. Coaching isn’t just helpful for when things have gone “wrong”. Mental training can help take any handler’s performance to the next level.

Not sure if mental coaching is for you? Reach out through our Contact Us page to learn more.

Individual Sessions

An individual session is 60 minutes long via a phone call or Zoom. During the first few sessions we will assess your mental skills and needs. Then, we will discuss performance enhancement strategies and techniques. You’ll be provided with my notes and additional resources to continue learning. Ideally, sessions should be scheduled weekly.

Who is Mental Performance Coaching for?

Mental Performance Coaching is for everyone. Whether you’re battling nerves on the start line or feel distracted by family drama while at the dog-show, I provide an individualized approach for each handler’s performance needs. We don’t just fix performance issues, athletes pursue mental performance coaching to learn more skills to boost their performance too! We’ll identify, assess and train for any and all performances you’ll encounter on your agility journey.

Examples of Mental Skills

This list contains a sample of the many skills mental performance coaching can help you develop. Such as,
Confidence Building
Managing Nerves
Goal Setting
Imagery Training
Memory Skills for Agility
Mindset Training
Communication Skills
Routine Building

Coaching Packages

You can book an individual session ($35/session) OR buy a 5-Week ($150) or 10-Week Coaching Package ($300). With a package you get the freedom of booking each week to fit your schedule, while committing to the coaching process.

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$250 Regular Rate

Available Now for Sign Up

Start Date: 9/17/2021
Registration Closes 9/15/2021

About the Program

This online course is designed to teach you to understand your nerves, develop skills for managing your nerves and provides drills to get your skills competition ready. 

Each lesson provides an audio recording with agility specific examples to help you relate to each concept and skill. The interactive workbook features exercises to help you identify the information most relevant to your performance needs. A weekly Zoom Call will be hosted by Coach Kathleen to help participants refine their strategies and skills to best fit their specific agility goals.

You’ll gain 6 tactical skills to help control your thoughts and regulate your physiological response to nerves in competition. In addition to boosting your ability to manage nerves, this course provides 6 drills that induce competition-like stress for you to incorporate into your agility training.

Course Outline

Section 1: Understanding Nerves in Competition
What contributes to nerves, when nerves occur and how we experience them.

Lesson 1: Defining Nerves & Identifying Sources
Lesson 2: When Nerves Happen
Lesson 3: How We Experience Nerves

Section 2: The Readying Process
How nerves work for you in competition to give you an advantage. 

Lesson 4: Your Optimal Zone
Lesson 5: The Dog-Handler Relationship

Section 3: Skill Development
Six tactical skills you can develop for nerve management

Lesson 6: Skills for Thought Control
Lesson 7: Skills to Alter Your Physical State & Environment

Section 4: Training Program
Six stress drills to get your skills competition ready.

Lesson 8: Stress Drills for Practice  

Group Discussions on 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 and 11/5

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included?
The full course features 25 minutes of audio split up over 8 lessons, with an 18 page interactive workbook. This system allows you to work at your own pace and take notes on what information is most relevant to your performance needs. When finished, your completed workbook can be saved and downloaded for easy referencing.

Weekly discussions will be hosted via Zoom on Fridays at 8-9pm EST. You can share barriers you’ve encounter, ask questions or discuss what’s worked for you so far. Coach Kathleen will provide insight into how to tailor your knowledge and skills to best fit your current agility goals.

Will the Zoom Calls be recorded?
Yes, Zoom calls will be recorded and shared for members only to access. Zoom calls will not be published or shared with the public to respect the privacy of all handlers that participate in the discussion.

How long do I have access to the material?
While sign up is for a limited time only, you will have access to the classroom for 4-months! This allows you to repeat lessons and continue to edit your workbook. The final workbook you download is yours to keep – forever!

Who can see my notes?
While the course format is set up in a “Classroom”, students cannot view each others workbooks.

Do I have to listen to the audio lessons?
No – each audio lesson has a corresponding transcript. Allowing you to listen or read through the material.

Can I access this class from a phone or tablet?
Yes! Download the “Google Classroom” App on your phone or tablet to access you course material on-the-go!

What software do I need to use this program?
No special computer software required! You will be signed up via your email address, Google Emails are most compatible. You will access all material through the Google hosted platform. The system works best when using Chrome, Safari or Explorer internet browsers.

How to Sign Up

Purchase your spot in this online course through the “Sign Up Now” button above. Once purchased, check your email for the confirmation.

Junior Handler Rate

For this online course I offer a discounted “Junior Handler” Rate which is available to handlers aged 22 years and under.
Please email me with your name and age to get the discount code. Contact: