Online Coaching

We are proud to offer a variety of online coaching services to support the performance of handlers in agility and beyond.

Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performance coaching helps you build tools to enhance your attitude, set the right goals and prepare to perform at your best. By combining the benefits of personal growth and mental skills you’ll gain an advantage at every competition.

Coach Kathleen has supported handlers in a variety of dog-sports, including confirmation, agility, obedience, and rally, to reach their goals.

Mental Performance Coaching is for everyone.

Whether you’re battling nerves on the start line or feel distracted by family drama while at the dog-show, I provide an individualized approach for each handler’s performance needs. We don’t just fix performance issues, handlers pursue mental performance coaching to learn more skills to boost their performance too! We’ll identify, assess and train for any and all performances you’ll encounter on your journey.

Coaching Services Available

Individual Coaching

An individual session is 60 minutes long via a phone call or Zoom.

You’ll work closely with Coach Kathleen to develop your own mental performance strategies and develop mental skills that support your best handling. The goal of individual sessions is for you to learn how to coach yourself through difficult training situations, conversations, challenges in the ring and beyond.

Sessions should be scheduled regularly for best results.

Discussion Group

Each week this group will discuss a new mental performance topic or learn about a mental skill with Coach Kathleen. This open enrollment class allows for handlers to share their experiences, gain useful insights, and learn strategies to boost their performance on and off the course. Participants are encouraged to share personal experiences and ask questions throughout.  

This class is offered Thursday evenings on select dates via Zoom.

Upcoming Discussion Groups

Boosting Your Memory: Join Coach Kathleen for a short lecture with applicable tips for better memory skills in agility. Whether memorizing the course is always a challenge or you find yourself getting lost on course at big events, there are strategies you can use to improve your mental game.
Via Zoom on Thursday, 5/19 from 6-7pm MDT

Handling Nerves: Join Coach Kathleen to learn what’s happening in your mind and body when you feel nervous. This conversation is aimed towards helping you determine 1) how your nerves impact you, and 2) the best strategy for managing your nerves.
Via Zoom on Thursday, 5/26 from 6-7pm MDT

Self-Paced Mental Training

Coming soon…

Fitness Coaching with Agility Athletes

Registration Opens June 1

This self-paced fitness program is designed specifically to meet the needs of agility handlers. This is not another weight loss program or “get fit quick” gimmick, and you don’t have to explain the physical demands of agility to us!

Kathleen Oswald MS and Adam Whisler MS, CSCS designed this program specifically to meet the needs of agility handlers at every fitness level. Agility Athletes uses a tailored approach to bridge the gap between what you know you should be doing and doing it consistently.

How does Agility Athletes Work?

This 12 week program adapts to you. You’ll start each workout by rating your readiness on that day; if your sore, underslept or just not feeling your best, your workout will be made easier to keep you progressing towards your goals while lowering your risk of injury. As you complete your workout, you’ll be asked to rate the difficulty of individual exercises and your feedback directly impacts the next workout you do.

While we recommend certain exercises for each workout, you can change which exercise you do that day. You’ll have access to our Movement Database with nearly 100 videos available demonstrating fitness training exercises and stretches.