This page features information on training and handling threadles. You’ll find foundation drills, short sequences, handling advice and more.

Defining a “Threadle”

Typically, when we think of threadles we think of a classic two jump combination. But, our threadle cue allows us to draw the dog to the backside of the jump in a multitude of scenarios.

Threadle Definition: when the dog moves to the backside of a jump where the dog’s path is between the handler and the obstacle.

The dog will ‘S’ over the jump; rather than wrap back.

Examples of Threadles

Take a look below at some unusual scenarios that would qualify as a threadle.

All About Cueing Threadles

“When approaching from the take off side we are most likely to need a turning cue before our threadle cue. When approaching from the dog’s landing side, we can rely on just our threadle cue.
Click the video to learn more and view examples.

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